Center for Public Outreach

The Center for Public Outreach is a future-oriented international consulting firm dedicated to enhanced organizational and individual leadership, insightful planning and project development, effective public relations and communications, sound education for children and adults, significant communities, and viable democracies.

Services of the Center for Public Outreach
The Center for Public Outreach brings experience, intellectual integrity, high energy, and a future orientation to each of its services.  Those services, offered by CPO President Gary Marx, CAE, APR, include:

  • Presentations and Workshops.  Gary Marx has done insightful and motivating presentations and workshops in all 50 U.S. states, across Canada, in parts of Mexico, and on six continents.  Programs range from a focus on societal trends to future-focused leadership.  Marx also leads Community Conversations or kicks off the work of Futures Councils.
  • Future-Focused Leadership Development.  Based on decades of experience and a future orientation, the Center applies its resources to developing the leadership skills of people at all levels of an organization.
  • Communications/Public Relations Counsel and Management.  Services include counsel in planning and managing public relations programs, issues identification and management, media training, communications audits, and presentations on building personal communication skills.  Services are available to education, association, business, government, and other organizations.
  • Writing.  The Center’s president writes numerous articles and is a recognized author of best-selling books.  He occasionally contributes portions of other books, prepares editorials, letters, public service announcements, scripts, and proposals.  He is a recognized author of best-selling books and numerous articles.
  • Project Development and Management.  Recent projects have included studies and books devoted to topics such as:  Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century…Out of the Trenches and into the Future, Sixteen Trends…Their Profound Impact on Our Future, Ten Trends…Educating Children for a Profoundly Different Future, Preparing Students for the 21st Century, and Preparing Schools and School Systems for the 21st Century.  Another example is a project that involved facilitating a summit and producing Creating a Future for Community Education for the National Community Education Association.  Services range from project conception and planning through recruitment of participants, conferences, surveys, analysis, communication/public relations, and follow-up.
  • Counsel for Community, Encouragement of Public Engagement, and Democracy Development.  The Center brings a wealth of experience in working with local, state/provincial, and national government; establishing neighborhood improvement organizations; counseling leaders in other nations currently developing more inclusive and engaged societies; exploring the future of community; and  providing speeches and workshops to pave the way toward a brighter future.  Gary Marx served as the Civitas International Exchange Program’s worldwide external evaluator for a number of years and then as on-site external evaluator in Senegal, East Russia, Peru, Jordan, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and Romania as well as in associated U.S. states.
  • Counsel on Education.  The Center offers counsel on most issues in education and brings to the table decades of experience in working with educators and educational institutions at the local, state, national, and international levels.  In addition, the Center offers advice and assistance on connecting with the education community.
  • Planning and Developing a Vision of Alternate Futures.  The Center offers its insights and leads organizations or divisions in planning activities and toward an examination of alternative futures.
  • Facilitation.  Applying experience gained from facilitating meetings, conferences, and workshops locally, nationally, and internationally, the Center offers tailor-made facilitation services.
  • Communications Audits.  Individually or in collaboration with colleagues and other organizations, the Center participates in audits that help an institution develop or improve its internal and external communication.