Gary Marx Quotes

“An interesting thing happened on the way to achieving our goals. The world changed!”

“We will not be able to ride our way into the future. We will need to invent our way into the future.”

“The status quo is a ticket to obsolescence.”

“The future is at stake in everything we do…and everything we don’t do.”

“You don’t have to be rich to be generous.”

“If we don’t stay in touch, we will soon be out of touch.”

“If you are doing something that you would not want a crowd gathered in the town square to know about, consider whether you should be doing it in the first place.”

“Want a lifelong education? Want learning to be more exciting? Cultivate curiosity and persistence.”

“Leaders give us permission to pursue our own greatness. They encourage us to build our future on our interests, abilities, talents, and dreams.”

“We need to interpret society to the organization at the same time we’re interpreting the organization to society.”

“We need to balance the needs of those who have a great deal and want more with the needs of those who have very little and just want some.”

“No matter how good we are today, or think we are, we had better get even better tomorrow, because the world is changing around us.”

“If we don’t identify and manage the issues, then the issues will manage us.”

“Cut back on excuses and solve the problems. If we don’t’ solve a problem, it can become a crisis. If we don’t deal with the crisis, it can become a catastrophe.”

“How many times has someone told you, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention?’ It’s true. In fact, it is so true that, in the future, the new disadvantaged may be those who have never known disadvantage. Blindsided by abundance, we might never have a chance to learn the most basic survival skills.”

“We need to celebrate wisdom that comes with age and having lived through so much. At the same time, we need to celebrate the wisdom of youth, which may be less constrained by such an abundance of life experience.”

“Many school buildings may look largely the same as they did long ago. However, the generations of students, teachers, and parents who parade through them constantly change. So do the needs of society.”

“Imagination, creativity, and ingenuity are keys to a brighter, more sustainable future. One of our greatest challenges is to release genius that is already there.”