Manchester Monument Dedication

View six Manchester Monument items on this page, first a video of the Dedication Program, second a video of the Dedication Storytelling, and third the Dedication Program Brochure.  Scroll further down to find  a news release from the 2007 dedication of the monument, a news release commemorating the tenth anniversary of the monument in 2017, and a contributors’ list. (To view videos, click on the arrow inside the picture.)

Manchester Monument Dedication Program, June 23, 2007
Time:  84 minutes

This video presents a colorful, energetic, and somewhat edited version of the Manchester Monument Dedication Program that took place on the main street of Manchester, South Dakota, the morning of Saturday, June 23, 2007, and attracted nearly 500 people.  Together, they celebrated the “Spirit of Manchester.”  The town was destroyed on June 24, 2003, by what has become known as the “Manchester Tornado,” an f-4 on the Fujita Scale.  In addition to the inspiring presentations and singing, you’ll experience the ribbon cutting, interviews, recognitions, and the appreciation of people galore as they view the newly completed monument, visit with each other, head for the Manchester Café tent, have lunch, and generally enjoy a magnificent day.  This small prairie farm and ranching town along Highway 14 and the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad took its name in 1881.  It is the birthplace of famed pioneer painter Harvey Dunn and longtime home of Grace Ingalls Dow, “Baby Grace” in her sister Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books.  Also view a separate video of the afternoon Manchester Monument Dedication Storytelling session.

Manchester Monument Dedication Storytelling, June 23, 2007

Time:  81 minutes

This video features storytelling the afternoon of June 23, 2007, during dedication of the Manchester Monument in the small town of Manchester, South Dakota.  The session begins with a few shots of the event and an introduction to the history of Manchester before moving to the actual storytelling segment.  Hundreds of people assembled under a tent on the main street for the dedication and to tell stories and reminisce about this community, the one their families called home.  The town was destroyed on June 24, 2003, by what has become known as the “Manchester Tornado,” an f-4 on the Fujita Scale.   In this unique session, you’ll hear interesting, inspiring, historic, and always just plain fun stories about dozens of topics, from school…and the hazards of sliding down the fire escape…to threshing crews, pranks, and people.  Also view a separate video of the Manchester Monument Dedication Program during the morning of June 23, 2007.

Manchester Monument Dedication Brochure
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Manchester Monument Dedication News Release (also includes list of families on central stone and copy for each of the historic plaques):
Issued June 23, 2007
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Manchester Monument Tenth Anniversary News Release (also includes Where the Purple Phlox Blooms by Loretta Yost):
Issued June 21, 2017
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Contributions List, Manchester Monument, 2007
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